Sharpless Auctions has been in the business of bringing buyers and sellers together for over 40 years. At our present facilities on Interstate 80 Exit 249 (5049 Herbert Hoover Hwy NE, Iowa City, Iowa), we offer over 40,000 square feet of buying opportunities!

To sign up initially on our computerized buyer system, you will need to bring your driver’s license or photo ID. If your current address is not the same as the form of ID you use, we require proof of address, such as a utility bill or a check with your address printed on it. (Starter checks are not accepted for proof of address or for payment.) If you don’t have proof of address or if you live outside of the driving area of Iowa City, you are asked to leave a $50 cash deposit or a credit card. The deposit is then refunded to you or applied to your bill at the end of the evening. Once you are entered in the computer, to check-in in the future, all we need is your name or phone number. You need to check-in for a new bid card each and every week.

A bid card is printed with your bidder ID and name on it. Be prepared to keep it with you the entire evening, as Sharpless is not responsible for lost bidder cards. Each week, we have at least five (5) auction rings going on at once: a Vehicle ring, a primarily Furniture ring, a Showcase and Smalls ring in the main building, an Appliance/Electronics/Smalls ring in the second building, an Outdoor ring, and a Third Building ring. We are also open for browsing in advance to Wednesday’s auction during business hours!

Depending on what you find to bid on, it may be beneficial to bring someone else with you so that you will be able to cover more area! Multiple bid cards are available from the cashier when you check in or at any time during the auction.

All items are sold to the highest bidder. Large items such as furniture, appliances, mowers, etc. are all sold individually or in logical groupings (such as dining tables and chairs selling as a set). Table items usually start off being sold individually by choice, meaning a price is set by the bidding system and then the winning bidder chooses the item or items they want to buy. Once the auctioneer has exhausted individual bids on items, a grouping of items are placed together and auctioned to the highest bidder as a whole. The manner in which things are sold or grouped is up to the individual auctioneer’s discretion.

Once you win the bid and the auctioneer says “SOLD,” your purchase immediately becomes YOUR responsibility and is subject to a 10% Buyer’s Fee at the time you pay. Please take the item(s) out and lock it in your auto- do not leave it unattended. If you have bought a piece of furniture, take what you can whether it be the cushions, drawers, shelves, etc. out to your vehicle. Sharpless Auctions is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items! Moving dollies are available from the cashier to move larger pieces of furniture or appliances. A forklift is available during the auction to move large items located in the outdoor or third building rings. Large items may be left to be picked up the next day, however Sharpless is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

All items are sold as is, where is. There is NO guarantee for ANY auction item EXCEPT large appliances marked “GUAR.” It is ultimately your sole responsibility to inspect what  you are bidding on before the auction begins. If you buy a large appliance marked “GUAR,” and it does not work, you have one (1) week to return it for a full refund check. It must be returned before the auction begins the following week.

Payment for all auction purchases is due by the end of the auction. We accept cash and/or check for payment. No starter checks are accepted without prior approval from the cashier. We also accept all major credit cards and debit cards (with the VISA or Master Card logo). There is an additional convenience fee for processing all credit/debit cards.

All purchases at Sharpless Auctions are subject to a 10% Buyer’s Fee. A buyer’s fee is the amount above the hammer price that is paid as part of the total purchase price. (The hammer price is the sales price).

If you have any questions about buying, feel free to contact our office at 319.351.8888